Team Sky's on-form sprinter looks forward to racing on home soil...

It's one big race after another for the pros right now. There's not even time to wait for the the Vuelta to finish before the Tour of Britain kicks off, and the Montreal GP is on too... lucky those WorldTour teams have big squads, eh. But what's it like to actually be racing in the Tour of Britain? road.cc's where you'll find out!

We'll be following the Tour of Britain from the sidelines like everyone else, but we've also got a man on the inside: Team Sky's Ben Swift. Ben won his first stage as a pro in the ToB in 2009 when he was riding for Katusha, and of course it's home turf, so it's doubly important to him.

Ben's going to be keeping a video diary of the race for road.cc, and here's the first part: looking forward to the first stage through Scotland. Maybe there'll be a winner's bunch of flowers on the hotel room sideboard by the time he gets round to doing the next one; certainly the first stage to Dumfries looks like it'll be a bunch sprint and Ben's a man in form right now, even with the much stronger field this year. Anyway, enjoy... and we'll bring you the next instalment soon.

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