Eurobike 2011: 3T Ventus and Brezza aerobars
Next generation time trial bars are lighter and more aero than ever

3T were showing their new second-generation Ventus II aerobar at Eurobike, weighing in at just 730g. That’s 15% lighter than previously.

The original Ventus was launched in late 2007, and with its thin, wide aerofoil basebar and tiny brake levers, it was an extreme-looking time trial bar. Fabian Cancellara and Gustav Larsson each used the bar when they won gold and silver respectively in the 2008 Olympic time trial. However, 3T issued a voluntary recall last year, owners being sent a fix kit to prevent the rubber handgrips loosening in certain circumstances.

The new incarnation has a lighter aerofoil-section basebar and several detailed changes for greater security and robustness.

3T’s technical director Richard McAinsh said, “My design team now has four more years experience under its belt… and we’ve spent a lot of time in the wind-tunnel. This new aerofoil basebar benefits from that experience.

“In addition, we’ve taken the opportunity to review every aspect of Ventus’s construction and made revisions that address several shortcomings reported from the field. For example, the elbow-rest supports now fit into a recess on the top skin of the basebar so they can’t skew out of true. We’ve also improved the handhold and grips, which in some conditions could slip on the handholds. Ventus II will be even more reliable now for the elite athletes who use it for competition.”

3T are also offering a new, narrower Brezza Nano bar which is said to be lighter and more aerodynamic than the Brezza II that equips 3T’s sponsored team TT bikes. Both new bars accept Shimano Di2 controls.

“Brezza Nano is intended for competitors who spend almost all their race in an aero tuck, as most triathletes do,” said Richard McAinsh. “They use the handholds to get started, settle into their aero position, and stay there until T2. They’re not wrangling the bike, so they don’t need the extra width. Shortening the bar to 30cm cuts weight and reduces the bar’s frontal area, which benefits aerodynamics.”

We don’t have UK prices but the Ventus II will be €995 and the Brezza Nano €695.



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