Bling up your bike with some Schmolke light weight gold handlebars

… think of them as an investment

by TR McGowran   September 3, 2011  

Schmolke gold TLO handlebar.jpg

These TLO bars from Schmolke must be some of the lightest handlebars available weighing between 130 – 150 grams*, they are also gold… well, gold plated. Lucky really because If they were solid gold we'd be talking around five and a half grand just for the gold, they'd probably be a bit flexy too. 

Mind you they will set you back €780 and you'd better be quick too if you want some because German weight weeny supremos, Schmolke are only making 10 sets. Then your only decision is what colour bar tape to cover your gold bars in, we're thinking black. If gold bars don't float your boat there's also a standard version of the TLO for €780.

*That's the weight for the standard TLO's we couldn't find one for the gold bars… d'you think they might be heavier?

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I can almost see a market in the very richest of fixie fashion victims....


posted by stewieatb [298 posts]
3rd September 2011 - 9:44

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Is 'Schmolke' German for Rapha?

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posted by andylul [410 posts]
3rd September 2011 - 10:38

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What a shame to get them and then cover 70pc up with bar tape and STI units.

posted by Ant [12 posts]
3rd September 2011 - 11:05

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I expect to see a set of these on Sanchez's bike very soon...

posted by Pifko [85 posts]
3rd September 2011 - 11:38

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This is a got to have!

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posted by lesliejames [43 posts]
3rd September 2011 - 13:55

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I'll raise you a gold-plated Rohloff hub, TR

Eurobike 2011 Nick Day 5 Sat16.jpg

posted by nick_rearden [859 posts]
4th September 2011 - 17:09

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