Bike Hub offers cash to bike projects

If you have a bright idea to get more people on bikes you could receive £100,000 funding to bring your idea to life.

The money is being made available via the Bike Hub levy scheme and could go to a single project or five individual projects, receiving £20,000 each.

Bike Hub was created by the Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders to help secure a future for the British cycle industry.

Cycle campaign groups, bicycle organisations, bike shops, and individuals who need cash to put their cycling-related ideas into action, are encouraged to apply online for the funding.

Bike Hub already pays for Bikeforall.net and supports the annual Bike Week campaign. It also seed-funded the hugely successful Bike It scheme, managed by Sustrans.

Bike It officers works directly with schools, getting thousands of children on their bikes and cycling to school every day, despite humble origins with a team of just four officers.

The search is now on for new schemes that can replicate the success of Bike It.

Bike Hub is looking for projects that can start locally or regionally and be scaled up to operate on a national level in the future.

Bike Hub is especially interested in schemes that can be managed independently as not-for-profit activity and those offering value for money.

Applications must be in by June 30. Click the link for more information and an application form.