A one of a kind electric bicycle made for two.

We've a bit of a tandem theme running on the site at the moment, and we don't mean "Daisy, Daisy etc etc". There's an interesting machine that's just come to our attention, a unique electric tandem from Podego. 

Opinion is always going to be divided on electric bikes in general, with a slight snobbishness meaning that many cyclists look upon them as "not real bikes" and riding them as somehow "cheating". We're not going to get embroiled in this argument here and are siting firmly on the fence with the opinion that they certainly have their place in the grand scheme of two wheeled things.

And none more so than in the case of a tandem. One of the areas in which electrc bikes excel is in helping less physically fit or capable riders to get out and enjoy riding along with everyone else. A standard tandem is a tricky proposition for someone (or a pair of someones) who aren't entirely up to happily riding a "normal" solo bike, so a tandem that can allow, say a slightly infirm older couple to go pedalling off for an afternoon with reduced effort has got to be a good thing. It's easy AND sociable. 

The Pedego Tandem is actually a good looking bike too, with a step-through design and stylish curves more reminiscent of a Dutch cruiser than a traditionally quite clunky electric bike. It comes with wrap around handlebars, kevlar lined balloon tyres on its 26" wheels, front disc brakes and rear hub brakes and adjustable suspension seatposts for added comfort. It comes with a detachable Lithium Polymer battery, that with a full charge should drive the 250 watt  electical motor to give 25-35 miles of cruising depending on rider weight and terrain. The motor's variable speed is controlled by pedal power output. 

The basic electric tandem package costs £2100.

We're wondering if these would have been allowed at the now-cancelled Tandem World Champs.........

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