Minneapolis, USA has its first public bike fix station. At the station, funnily enough.

Two 'bike people' called Chad and Alex have started a company called Bike Fixtation selling a system to provide public bike servicing facilities. The first work station is already in operation at the Minneapolis, USA Uptown Transit Station.

We've seen bike vending machines before; we believe it was Trek in the USA that was offering a machine to stand outside bikes stores to dispense inner tubes, tyre levers and the like to stranded cyclists out-of-hours. But we've never seen such a comprehensive set-up. In Bike Fixtation's case, there's the high-security vending machine, a free air compressor and universal work stand including comprehensive tethered tools.

Bike Fixtation is offering a modular system meaning bike shops, railway stations and community venues can buy as many of the components as they need to suit individual requirements. The first installation at one of Minneapolis's main train and bus stations is installed in a secure lobby, cash machine-style, that is automatically open from 6am - midnight 365 days a year.

But it's not hard to see how this might work under an awning outside a bike shop in a busy city location or at Herne Hill Velodrome. Also plenty of big-company sponsorship potential; those machines would look good in Continental yellow, we reckon.

Details: www.bikefixtation.com