Once-only opportunity to get this kit in one of two big or bigger sizes

Back… back… a couple of weeks ago we were giving away some Shimano Di2 kit. Whatever happened to that some of you wondered? Well wonder no more because we've found the winner's names that Dave drew before he went on holiday, but forget to tell the rest of us. So the prize of two sets of Shimano Di2 lycra for the big-boned goes too…

Chiefs and Neeburs Peddlers – the Large kit
ghibbard won the 2XL outfit

The winners have been informed and the Lycra is in the post.


Ultegra Di2 kit isn't ever going to be in the shops, it's a once-only pressing for this round of launches and media days. So ou'll probably never encounter another living soul wearing this kit. We've got one lot of L (Mat's size) and one lot of 2XL (Dave's size) so let us know what you want. If you're a small, it's not your day. But there will be other chances to win!

Just comment and you're in the hat! we'll draw it Thursday when we've recovered from our exertions. *may not actually be fantastic

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