Did you win one of the 10 pairs up for grabs?

In the now seemingly traditional way, we've managed to miss the schwag deadline again. But no matter, the extra half a day gave even more of you the chance to enter and your closing odds of snagging some sock schwag were 78:1 And the ten people who beat the odds to walk away with the boot-filling booty are:


Congrats to everyone who's picked up a pair of socks for free, don't forget you can buy them too!


Socks! We love a good cycling sock here at road.cc towers, and although we're unashamedly biased we think our road.cc socks are exactly that. They're made in the USA by Save Our Soles from easy-wicking and hard-wearing Coolmax, and finished with a touch of the trademark argyle on the double-thickness cuff.

You can, of course, buy a pair of these most excellent socks in the road.cc store for £6.99, along with our new race jersey and armwarmers, both made for us by Colorado-based Pactimo. And you can get three pairs of socks for £14.99 and save yourself six quid as well. Best of all, you can get the socks, jersey and armwarmers together for a recession-busting £59.99*

But enough of that: you want socks for free. And to be in with a shout, just comment below and we'll pick ten winners next Wednesday** - good luck!

*may not actually bust recession

**assuming we don't forget again

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