Will we win for a second successive year? Plus, what should we do to make the site better?

We're dusting off our glad rags and putting the champagne on ice, because we've been announced as a BikeBiz awards finalist for the third year in a row, and we'll be hoping to pick up the Best Consumer Website award for the second year in succession. Not least because it's a faff changing the logo on the site.

It's not a done deal by any stretch though, because our good friends at Singletrack are also nominated and we'll be fighting them tooth and nail on the night to nab the prize. That's 'fighting' as in 'chummy socialising round the buffet'. They're also nominated for the Consumer Print Media gong which they won last year. It's also great to see young, fresh upstarts cyclistno1.co.uk in the final list, because we like them. Listing and news site The Bike List and the behemoth that is BikeRadar make up the finalists.

You can't vote for us, but you can wish us luck. And you can also comment below to let us know what you do and don't like about the site, what new stuff we should add and anything else the comes to mind. Because we like what we do, and we always want the site to be the best it can be. Your input counts. Get suggesting!

Dave is a founding father of road.cc and responsible for kicking the server when it breaks. In a previous life he was a graphic designer but he's also a three-time Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling world champion, and remains unbeaten through the bog. Dave rides all sorts of bikes but tends to prefer metal ones. He's getting old is why.