Hadleigh residents bemoan London 2012 parking restrictions near MTB circuit

Anger and confusion ahead of this weekend's event

by Simon_MacMichael   July 26, 2011  

Hadleigh Farm GB riders picture credit London 2012.jpg

You might think that having an Olympic event take place at the end of your street would be cause for celebration, with the world’s attention being focused on your neighbourhood for a couple of days something to feel excited about. However, some residents close to Hadleigh Farm in Essex, where the mountain biking medals will be decided, are reportedly up in arms over parking restrictions.

This Sunday sees the venue host its Olympic test event,which organisers expect will attract 4,000 fans, and street closures and bans on parking have not gone down well among some of those living nearby, reports local newspaper, the Echo.

Among the traffic management measures put in place are a no-parking red zone, no on-street parking, and redirection of one-way streets, with those ignoring the rules facing a £70 fine or having their car towed away.

“It’s incredibly heavy-handed,” complained Andrea Gabriel of Chapel Lane. “It’s like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. What on earth are they expecting to happen?

“We moved to Castle Lane because it’s one road to a tiny farm and it has now turned into the centre of the world.”

Another, Bob Gosling from Beech Road, told the newspaper that in his opinion a letter from Essex County Council outlining restrictions had added to the confusion.

“It recommends that ‘wherever possible’ we avoid using our vehicles,” he said. “What does that mean? Either the road is closed or it’s not.

“It’s pretty farcical to be honest. If it’s so complicated this time, what’s it going to be like when the Olympics take place?”

A drop-in session will be staged at Hadleigh Old Fire Station on Saturday between 10am and 4pm to explain road closures and restrictions on parking to locals who are still unsure how the measures will affect them.

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Maybe if they got off their fat arses and tried walking or cycling instead of relying on their cars....

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posted by mr-andrew [294 posts]
26th July 2011 - 12:24

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mr-andrew wrote:
Maybe if they got off their fat arses and tried walking or cycling instead of relying on their cars....

Maybe they had no desire for the olympics and are having this forced upon them with no recourse, due to anothers fancy?

Just because you're a cyclist it doesn't mean they are or should be. If anything, this sort of restriction is likely to further reinforce any negative perceptions of the sport.

posted by the-yorkshire-p... [179 posts]
26th July 2011 - 12:39

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This is at least the second time that the restrictions imposed by the Olympics have been on here. Once (and I had a go at him) was from a guy who had tickets for the games but was moaning that there are to be travel issues/restrictions. I do feel sorry for the people who have zero interest in the games having these and probably more others to come, foisted on them. But not for people who will be attending but don't want to be put out by it. But isn't that the way with us humans? Everythings great as long as I like it/it benefits me.

Have to laugh at the statement about getting excited that the world will be all looking at your street and why can't you get excited by it? Why should they and what benefit will there be to any street/road/area "featured" in the games? The audience are only interested in the event. It's the same as Phil Liggett getting excited on TV on Sat, "Cadel is riding his heart out now to be the 1st Australian to win the Tour". No he wasn't, he was doing it all for himself. He'll feel proud now to be the first Ozzy, but I am certain it never entered his mind during the TT.

I still say we should have sold the Games to the French when we won the bid, and trousered the cash!

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posted by bikeandy61 [386 posts]
26th July 2011 - 13:03

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Miserable sods.

posted by Coleman [329 posts]
27th July 2011 - 10:42

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I grew up in Hadleigh and my relatives still live there. Just wanted to say that this seems to be a vocal minority. Like the Etape Caledonia, most locals have no problem making alternative transport arrangements for a single day, and are interested in the event. Of course, a few grouchs are always more newsworthy though!

posted by kace19 [22 posts]
28th July 2011 - 9:36

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