More Lance Armstrong bike art – this time it is about the bikes… the ones he's riding in the Giro

Holy explosion in a paint factory Batman! This weekend's 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia is Lance Armstrong's first and he wants to make sure he stands out from the crowd.

Lance Giro bike gallery

To that end he's had some artists (no, not that fella on the trike) run him up a couple of eye-catching specials. Contemporary artist Shepard Fairey, who emerged from the skateboarding scene and was the man responsible for the Barrack Obama 'Hope' poster during last year's US presiential campaign did the honours on the Madone. Apparently it's “a vibrant homage to Lance’s cancer fighting foundation while including ancient patterning in honor of Italy’s rich architectural details.'

New York pop artist Kenny Scharf did Lance's time trial Trek TTX machine and created the “lightspeed” space bike… hmm are they sure about that. Maybe it's some sort of in-joke. Whatever, we've got to admit they look pretty cool.


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