Call for Investigation into 20mph Speed Limits for Blackfriar's Bridge
Mayor's Cycling Champion, Andrew Boff calls for a full investigation at a meeting of the London Assembly today...

Today, in a meeting of the London Assembly, Assembly member, and Mayor's Cycling Champion Andrew Boff will be calling on Mayor of London Boris Johnson to "investigate the advantages and disadvantages of a 20mph speed limit on Blackfriar's Bridge". 

Following months of controversy, backtracking and heated debate, the call is for Transport for London to fully consider all the implications of the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on Blackfriar's Bridge, not only the effects on traffic flow but also the impact on all road users and cyclist and pedestrian safety issues. 

Mr Boff said "If there is compelling evidence that a lower speed makes the bridge safer then the mayor should reduce the limit.

"To get the best for cyclists and drivers in London, it is right that speed limits are looked at properly and decisions are made when hard facts are available, but not before."

Reference will also be made to the issues faced by cyclists making right-hand turns at either end of the bridge. 

Some campaigners to retain the 20mph limit might find Mr Boff's call somewhat ironic, as well as being the Mayor's Cycling Champion Mr Boff is also a member of the Conservative group in the London Assembly, last month Conservative members scuppered a scheduled debate and vote on the subject by walking out of the chamber so that there were not enough members for a quorum forcing the cancellation of the debate and vote.


robike [24 posts] 4 years ago

Once one street gets 20mph they'll all want it

kaptnkrunch [57 posts] 4 years ago

I think all bridges in London should be 20. The traffic is normally stationary on most of them anyway so the cars won't notice the difference, but it will be a hell of a lot safer for everyone.

the-yorkshire-p... [173 posts] 4 years ago

speed limits are only as good as the enforcement.

20mph isn't necessary, 30 is fine as long as all parties behave rationally and with consideration.

Sadly, until that happens someone always wants to intervene with blanket "safety" measures, but the number of cyclists that are a danger to themselves as well as other road users when commuting is astonishing.

I commute by bike from surrey into central london daily, and I just wouldn't want to be in a car trying to second guess some of the 'cyclists' actions, or indeed subsequent 're-actions'.