Hundreds turn out for Lance Armstrong's Sutherland Twitter Ride

Second time Texan has ridden with fans in Scotland

by Mark Appleton   July 18, 2011  

Lance Armstrong s Sutherland Twitter Ride courtesy Northern Times.jpg

Lance says it was over 1000 while the local newspaper, the Northern Times suggests it was 200.

Either way, on an at times damp day in Sutherland - one of the most sparsely populated parts of the UK - the lure of a “Twitter Ride” with a seven-time Tour winner was enough to draw in a sizeable peloton for the planned 30 mile loop from Dornoch to near Golspie by way of Loch Fleet.

Armstrong had arrived in the area on Friday to stay at the exclusive Skibo Castle for a spot of golfing r&r on Scotland’s far north east coast. Having been out on his bike on Saturday he tweeted: “Nice 35 mile ride in/around the County of Sutherland. Small roads, no cars, and beautiful terrain.” Later that day he tweeted the rendezvous for his second Scottish Twitter Ride – the first took place in Paisley near Glasgow back in 2009.

The faithful duly arrived at the appointed time and place - the Eagle pub in Dornoch at 5pm - for the chance to ride with the Texan. Such was the throng on Dornoch's main street that, according to the Scotsman newspaper, the police had to close it to regular traffic before the riders set off. With rain falling in the area while the ride took place, the paper says there were “a few accidents” among the riders, though apparently nothing serious.

After the ride Armstrong posed for photographs and signed autographs before heading back into Skibo Castle from where he tweeted: “Thanks Scotland for coming out for a little ride. To the 1000+ who came over Dornoch - you rock! Keep ridin'..”


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I was there, great cycle, the route did not go to Golspie we turned away about 5 miles before there. There was more than 200 cyclists the main street was jammed. Also there were plent of people just watching and several along the roadside. All in all a great evening ride although some people did go too far and were cycling far too fast on the small roads and gnerally acting as if it was a real race, all in all a good ride.

posted by Highlandcycler [23 posts]
18th July 2011 - 10:31


was there any random drugs testing of participants? Cool

posted by londonplayer [671 posts]
18th July 2011 - 11:00


Thanks for that Highlandcycler, copy updated accordingly. I'm hearing from a contact up there now that the general consensus seems to be about 250 riders and about 200 spectators at the start in Dornoch. That how you saw it? Did you get any pics?

posted by Mark Appleton [554 posts]
18th July 2011 - 11:30


Was he munching from a white lunch bag Wink and quoting Edgar Allen Poe.... Nerd

posted by Decster [246 posts]
18th July 2011 - 12:32


News just in!

Wayne Rooney's organising a kick about on Prestbury Green Cheshire tomorrow afternoon.
Team pick at 1pm. Get there early you wannabees as it's only 150-a-side. Big Grin

Silly me. You're probably right....

MercuryOne's picture

posted by MercuryOne [1195 posts]
18th July 2011 - 12:58


MercuryOne wrote:
Wayne Rooney's organising a kick about on Prestbury Green Cheshire tomorrow afternoon.

Mr. Rooney is currently under investigation for suspected presence of small amounts of grey matter in between his ears. Just as Mr. Armstrong's defense is that he "has never tested positive", Mr. Rooney has hundreds of negative primary and secondary school test results to back up his position.

posted by handlebarcam [545 posts]
18th July 2011 - 13:34


I would agree there was around 250 cyclists at the start and around 150 - 200 watching from the streets. My wife did get a few pics of Lance and the crowds of cyclists. Your second picture on the page, I am in the Radioshack gear on left of picture my son is in Black hoodie haha.

posted by Highlandcycler [23 posts]
18th July 2011 - 15:31


Wow, didn't realise people actually bought Radioshack gear, I thought it was just made to hang on the wall of Trek dealers...

posted by bikingscot [46 posts]
18th July 2011 - 16:57


Why yes plenty of people buy Radioshack gear, not everyone has this envy/prejudice against Armstrong oh and also the team do have other good riders like the 1-2 in the Tour of California for Levi. If you don't like Trek stuff sure dont buy it but I can assure you last night there was plenty of Radioshack, Livestrong and all other team gear on display.

posted by Highlandcycler [23 posts]
18th July 2011 - 17:04


londonplayer wrote:
was there any random drugs testing of participants? Cool

Fortunately not... or the participants would all be positive from over-dosing on caffeine enhanced gel sachets and get lifetime bans - whilst Lance would be clean as a whistle.


posted by Michael5 [121 posts]
18th July 2011 - 17:56


why be cynical - if you turned up and enjoyed as I did then great - if you didn't and are jealous or you just don't like the guy then don't air sour grapes Tongue

M Smile

posted by mandy cullie [6 posts]
18th July 2011 - 23:41