Our first four winners announced; there's more than pride to play for!...

Maybe your dreams of walking off with a Trek Madone worth £2,800 – or even a runner's up prize – have faded but there's still prizes to play for in road.cc and Evans Cycles Fantasy Tour de France. Spot prizes in fact, which are awarded more on dumb luck than any performance metric, meaning that everyone's in with a shout!

Here are our winners so far:

Stage 10 Aurillac > Carmaux (Tues)
Marco Marcato did the breaking duties on Tuesday, cresting the Côte de Villefranche-de-Rouergue in the lead. Not a popular pick, but from the handful of teams that had selected him it was bobslot that won the draw...

Stage 11 Blaye-les-Mines > Lavaur (Weds)
Denis Galimzyanov was a much more favoured rider, in over 300 teams. Sadly he finished outside the time limit once the big hills started, and he's out of the race. But while he was competing he was fun to watch, and also nabbed a spot prize for LabMonkey...

Stage 12 Cugnaux > Luz-Ardiden (Thurs)
The first proper mountain stage and the spot prize winner was drawn from everyone who had the last man home (within the time limit) on the day. That was Borut Bozic, and from the 60 teams that had picked him fraser was the winner.

Stage 13 Pau > Lourdes (Fri)
Jérémy Roy - he's got the legs for the hills right now then. First over the Tourmalet, and now over the Aubisque too, and on his way to victory? 160 of you decided not to drop him after his exertions yesterday, and you'll be well rewarded with points no doubt. Only one of you can have the spot prize though. And that's npd1972.

That leaves two more spot prizes to play for before the second rest day...

Stage 14 Saint-Gaudens > Plateau de Beille (Sat)
Ouch. This one looks tough. Still, some silly bugger will go off like a yoghurt in the sun to try and make a name for themselves. Probably they'll attack on the first climb, the Cat 2 Portet d'Aspet. First jersey over the top on that one is the lucky rider to have.

Stage 15 Limoux > Montpellier (Sun)
Blessed relief: a flat stage. The sprinters will be pleased. As will their lead-out guys, who never get the credit they deserve. Well they will today: we'll draw a spot prize from all the teams who have the second rider over the line from the winner's team.

Good luck!

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