Still no names but it's only a matter of time.....

We’ve started a few lively debates here at road.cc but it’s fair to say that we haven’t seen anything going viral to the extent of our story about the violent assault on road.cc forum poster Simon Page.

We’ve had over 18,000 page views for the item and the YouTube clip of the incident, the link for which was first posted on our forum, will shortly pass the 50,000 views point.

Not that in reading the coverage on the BBC, the Evening Standard or on the Daily Mail websites, you’d have much of an idea about the source of the story. Unlike road.cc’s policy of posting a link back to the original item when we cover a story from elsewhere, none of those media outlets have felt the need to share the link love, (though some have seen fit to lift quotes from this site without so much as a 'by your leave'.)

But leaving aside issues of journalistic etiquette – not to mention common courtesy – what the extensive coverage has clearly demonstrated, is a shared revulsion among most members of the public for a completely unjustified assault on a cyclist. Those sentiments are compounded by a frustration bordering on outrage that the police have, after nearly two months, so far failed to make any arrests in the case despite the clarity of the video evidence.

And that video evidence must by now have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, given that at one point this morning the BBC London news report on the story was the second most viewed video item on the BBC news site, ahead of video clips about the new Harry Potter film, the Beckhams’ baby-naming decision and Hugh Grant's views on News International.

As for progress in the case itself, we have asked the Metropolitan Police whether any names have been put forward for the offenders and what, if any, action is being taken to assist the registered keep of the car identified in the clip to remember who might conceivably have borrowed the vehicle on the day in question, assuming that it wasn’t stolen and returned.

We hope to bring you their responses shortly.