Acte I and Acte II designs for your big summer ride

Off to ride the Étape du tour this summer? Well you won't be properly dressed without your official jersey, now will you? As you may know, the ASO, organisers of the Étape, have teamed up with Rapha this year and it's from them that you can buy your official Acte I or Acte II ride wear.

Acte I is the one that everyone's been talking about, over the Galibier to finish on the fabled hairpins of Alpe d'Huez. The summer-weight, full-zip Acte I jersey is a blue, red and yellow banded design on a white shirt – sensible for summer, if it shows up on the day – with a nod to Joaquim ‘Tinho’ Agostinho, who was first up the Alpe in 1979. The colours reflect the Flandria team he rode for.

Acte II hasn't had the coverage of Acte I as it doesn't feature any of the landmark climbs of the tour, but at 209km with seven categorised climbs it's arguably a tougher prospect. The Acte II jersey pays homage to Pierre Le Bigault who in 1983 soloed to victory in Issoire on stage 14. The pink, purple and blue bands are taken from the colours of his Coop-Mercier team.

Both jerseys will set you back £50 and both feature summer-weight fabric, full length zip, lightweight side panels and three deep pockets. To get yours, head on over to www.rapha.cc

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