Limoux > Montpellier

Blanquette de Limoux is a sparkling wine that pre-dates Champagne, but this town on the banks of the River Aude hosts the Tour de France for the very first time as the riders put the Pyrenees behind them. After today, there is only one more chance for a bunch finish, on the final day in Paris, so it looks almost certain to come down to the sprinters in Montpellier.

Thought for the Day

While a bunch finish is pretty much a given, the heat could well play a part today, particularly for those teams that have a man capable of delivering a win in a bunch finish but who also have a rider high up the GC – they may well be disinclined to put in energy chasing down a break, which could in turn give rise to a slim chance of one staying away.

GT’s tips

There will be a breakaway but this is the last chance of a sprint finish before Paris so I'm sure Cav will be geeing up his troops for today and we¹ll see the sprinters fight it out.

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