Issoire > Saint Flour

While the first of this year’s two Etapes du Tour is taking place today on the route of Stage 19, today shows those with a place on the second mass participation ride, taking place later in the month, what they’re up against. None of the climbs gets above Category 2 – but there are seven in all to be negotiated.

Thought for the Day

The last time Issoire hosted a stage finish in 2004, the winner was Richard Virenque, dropping fellow escapee Axel Merckx and winning by five minutes. The peloton’s serial escapees may likewise fancy a crack today.

GT’s tips

This looks like it might well follow the same pattern as the day before with a break getting away and depending who's in it, the GC guys not being particularly bothered about chasing it down, so it could well stay away.

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obutterwick [474 posts] 6 years ago

I fancy Cunego for this one.