Play against your local homeboys as well as the whole world...

Thanks to the fact that lots have you have chosen a region in your road.cc user account, we're now able to show regional tables for the Fantasy Cycling game that we're bringing to you in association with Evans Cycles. And what does it show? It shows we're getting our collective arses kicked from across the Channel, that's what.

The regional table is now online at the bottom of your game home page. And while it makes especially grim reading for Welsh participants and those from the North East and Scottish Highlands, most of us aren't exactly covering ourselves in glory. Have a look...

Region                                   Users Scores Max  Average
Europe                                   181    4971  172  42.25
Northern Ireland                          55    1656  168  38.19
Scotland - Edinburgh and borders          53    1613  138  34.03
Rest of the World                        274    8260  173  33.50
Eire                                      41    1139  154  33.15
East Midlands                            199    6258  168  32.65
Yorkshire & Humber                       199    6120  168  32.01
East Anglia                              163    5037  160  31.31
Scotland - Glasgow & West                101    3110  163  31.13
Central South                             40    1183  139  30.33
South East                               503   15401  169  30.07
Scotland - Angus, Perthshire & Fife       37    1203  168  29.97
North West & IOM                         320    9894  176  29.94
South                                    114    3577  163  29.48
South West                               312    9305  173  29.27
West Midlands                            210    6504  169  28.91
London                                   471   14335  173  28.27
North East                               126    4116  169  28.06
South Wales                               63    1778  149  27.28
Scotland - Aberdeen,Highlands & Islands   30     993  159  27.24
North Wales                               37    1079  151  25.43

Easily top of the pile is Europe, with 181 users averaging 42.25 per stage, well ahead of the chasing pack. Chapeau to our Northern Irish contingent, who obviously take their fantasy racing seriously; they're in second, and the Edinburgh and Borders tranche of Scotland lies third. After that it's the rest of the world and Eire, and team GB take over from there. The South East may have the most users playing, at 503, but it's the East Midlands making the running for England with a 32.65 average. Our beloved South West is languishing in 15th place despite our best efforts, and propping up the pile is North Wales. Perhaps they're all actually out biking instead of sitting in front of a computer...

If you haven't selected a region, then you won't be in a regional league, natch. To pick one, click on your name in the user bar at the very top of the page (or follow this link), hit 'edit' and click on 'location' - pick whichever suits you best, you can argue the toss over whether you're 'South' or 'Central South' if you live in Reding. Don't forget to save.

The regional data doesn't update to the game automatically but you'll be in your chosen league soon enough, we'll try and update it every day. Happy local in-fighting!

Dave is a founding father of road.cc and responsible for kicking the server when it breaks. In a previous life he was a graphic designer but he's also a three-time Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling world champion, and remains unbeaten through the bog. Dave rides all sorts of bikes but tends to prefer metal ones. He's getting old is why.