Kinesis launch new website
It's bigger, better and easier to navigate

Kinesis UK have launched a new website that’s bigger, better and easier to use than ever before.

The new site showcases the fully updated Kinesis UK range and allows you to navigate around the site in a more fluid way, so finding information on all aspects of the frames, forks and bikes is far quicker. It has been designed with touch-screen navigation and mobile devices in mind.

“One important aspect of the new site is the 'Technical' section. This explains many aspects of the range that weren't adequately covered with the old site. There is a lot of thinking behind our products and we want people to know about it,” said Dom Mason, designer at Kinesis UK.

“We will also be adding videos for all key products, detailing aspects of design and showing them being used in anger.”

Products can now be registered online and there is a large FAQ section to help out too. A 'Readers Bikes' section will go live soon where you can easily upload your new Kinesis UK bike build.”

Kinesis International is a Taiwanese brand but Kinesis UK design their own products. The range now comprises 17 framesets, four bikes and 12 forks. You can get a Kinesis Racelight T2 winter training bike for example, with a 7005 series alloy frame, a largely Shimano Tiagra groupset and R500 wheels for £999.99.

Check it out at www.kinesisbikes.co.uk.


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