Walk this way to find out who's won a tee.....

Oops! What with the excitement of the Tour de Suisse we rather forgot about another Swiss-related thing we were supposed to be doing: picking the winners of our BMC tee schwag! But now we've remembered and www.random.org has done its implacably impartial finger pointing. And the people it's pointed at are:

Evans Tourer

Well done to those five. More schwag soon!


Pull the laces from your Adidas Superstars and dig out your fattest gold rope, cause the schwag is back in town. We were mighty amused when first we saw BMC's Run DMC homage tee, and now we've got five of them to give away to you lucky boys and girls. Just comment below and you're in the hat!

Every lucky winner will also receive a BMC hat, which sadly isn't in the Run DMC style but is more of a cycling cap. And some stickers. What's not to like? We'll pick a winner on Tuesday morning, and then you'll have your chance to win a little piece of recent cycling history... stay tuned for more on that.

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