Three 2008 models affected by potentially faulty handlebars

Dahon have announced a voluntary recall of some models of their 2008 range of folding bikes. The affected models are the:

Speed TR 2008 model
Speed D7 2008 model
Jetstream P8 2008 model

The problem centres on the handlbar radius which according to the company's statement can “crack and break, posing a fall hazard” a problem caused by “a combination of inaccurate machining and inconsistent quality of material”.

Anyone who thinks they may have one of the affected Dahon's should stop riding it, Dahon is advising its UK customers to take their bike to their local Dahon dealer who will have a list of all the frames affected – according to Dahon only a small proportion of the company's 2008 bikes were affected. From next week when the product recall goes live in the rest of the world a full list of the affected frames will also availabe at www.dahon.com/recall/. Dahon will be replacing all of the affected handlbars..

Dahon statement in full

“Issue - A combination of inaccurate machining and inconsistent quality of material can cause the radius handlebar post to crack and break, posing a fall hazard (2008 models only).

Solution - Dahon will be supplying new handlebar posts for all affected bikes via your point of purchase.

Action - At this point please refrain from using your Dahon, your local dealer has a full list of frame numbers which are affected by the recall or alternatively this information can be found at www.dahon.com/recall/ this web page will be going live later this week (week 17-commencing 20th April).

What next? - Once identified as an affected bike please contact your point of purchase to arrange the ordering and fitment of a replacement part. Replacement parts will start to arrive into the U.K via air shipment within the next few weeks. These will be limited numbers at first due to manufacturing and delivery time restraints. However we will have larger numbers of replacement parts available as soon as possible. We will have stock to replace ALL affected posts. 

Dahon would also like to stress the dates involved are 2008 bikes only. No 2009 current Models are affected by this recall. 

Dahon would like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by this recall. We will endeavour to carry out this recall in a timely manner.”


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purplecup [217 posts] 8 years ago

yes, the handlebars coming apart in my hands would certainly pose a 'fall hazard' in my book  1

amazon22 [282 posts] 8 years ago

Having owned a few Dahons, and had more than a few quality control and design problems with them, I'm not surprised by this at all, as Dahon seem to develop new models at a frightening pace, compared to say Brompton who launch a new model, ooh, every 100 years or so. The leverage on the handle bars is a chronic weak point, and they've had problems in the past with the folding join at the headset (which makes the headset nigh on impossible to adjust).

Tony Farrelly [2919 posts] 8 years ago

yeah Dahon do like to bring out new models at quite a rate, I've never owned one so you speak from a postition of greater knowledge than me on past design or quality control issues - though speaking to someone from Dahon today he reckoned it was their first ever re-call involving Dahon manufactured parts.