"Olympic Borough" Newham puts brakes on Boris's Cycle Superhighway

Safety concerns cited as CS2 set to meet its East End in Bow, not Ilford

by Simon_MacMichael   May 29, 2011  

Barclays Cycle Superhighway CS7 launch boris

The London Borough of Newham may be home to the Olympic Velodrome, and last year it hosted the final stage of the Tour of Britain, but one of Boris Johnson’s Barclays Cycle Superhighways will not now extend into the borough after being opposed by the borough’s mayor, Sir Robin Wales.

In his blog in the London Evening Standard, Ross Lydall reports that Sir Robin’s objection to part of Cycle Superhighway 2 running through the borough on its way from Aldgate in Tower Hamlets to Ilford in Redbridge is because he believes there are already too many roadworks in Stratford High Street.

Now, however, the Superhighway will finish at Bow when it is opened in July, reports the newspaper, which adds that the borough has also missed out on £125,000 in funding from Transport for London (TfL), of which £100,000 would have gone towards cycle parking, £20,000 to cycle training and £5,000 to provide safety checks on bicycles.

The Mayor of London has reportedly discussed the situation with his Newham counterpart, while Mr Johnson’s transport advisor, Kulveer Ranger, is reported by the Standard to be attempting to resolve the situation, but the newspaper says there is little prospect of the Cycle Superhighway being completed ahead of next year’s Olympic Games.

Roger Evans, Conservative Assembly Member for nearby Redbridge has – perhaps jokingly – said that the objection may be due to the blue paint used to mark out the Cycle Superhighway, a suggestion refuted by Newham Council.

Instead, it says, “Our primary concern is cyclists' safety. Newham council is committed to a cycling legacy from 2012 and we are in constructive negotiations with TfL about the route. Kulveer Ranger will be visiting the borough later this summer so we can work together on the best way forward."

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This is so funny. It's everything Crap Walking and Cycling in Waltham Forest has complained about.

Newham council doesn't want a cycle lane because there are "already too many roadworks" in the high street -ones that slow cars down-, and they don't want the blue lanes aren't wanted "for their concern for cyclists safety".

It's like a spoof council, one that views Transport for London as being so pro-cycling that they have to resist it, one where Boris J is viewed as a radical transport troublemaker in the style of Ken Livingston.

Newham Council! We in the Bristol Traffic Project salute for your foresight in preventing people from cycling in your borough out of concern for their safety!

posted by bristoltraffic [14 posts]
30th May 2011 - 10:19


"the Superhighway will finish at Bow" - with a "Cyclists Dismount" sign, perhaps?

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posted by PJ McNally [594 posts]
30th May 2011 - 10:29


That's the problem with blogs like crapwalthamforest and bristolcars: planners think they provide examples of how infrastructure should be built.

posted by snibgo [5 posts]
31st May 2011 - 0:29

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Ignorance, stupidity and petty politics, so sad... Sad

posted by Kim [193 posts]
31st May 2011 - 11:49


This is the same Robin Wales who oversaw a 111,000,000 quid spend on a new office block for newham council. Rotton boroughs indeed.

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posted by dullard [140 posts]
31st May 2011 - 16:34


'Rotten', of course. Just like the mayor of Newham, the self-styled 'poorest borough in London', himself who has seen his pay increase year on year since 2002 a total of over 40%.

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posted by dullard [140 posts]
31st May 2011 - 16:40


I live in Newham. It's lovely to cycle from my 70s council block to Newham's fancy offices next to the water. They even have an indoor garden with a giant palm tree. It's nice to see how the other half live.

The mayor even had a disabled parking space painted over so he could park closer to the door. He's far too busy to be concerned with a cycle lane.

posted by Coleman [330 posts]
31st May 2011 - 16:49