Cheap-as-chips clothing and kit from the German house of bargains

How much did your last soft shell jacket cost? How much? Well pop down to Aldi this Thursday and you can bring the average down considerably. They're doing a run of their bargain cycling gear this week, and you could net yourself a soft shell for the princely sum of £14.99.

That's the most expensive cycling product you'll find in the list, too: A pair of socks will set you back just £2.79 and you can have a computer for a fiver. Here's a full list of what's going to be on offer:

  • Soft shell jacket: £14.99
  • Mitts: £3.49
  • Helmet: £8.99
  • Ultra light jacket: £9.99
  • Compression vest: £9.99
  • Socks: £2.79
  • Jersey: £7.99
  • Shorts: £7.99
  • LED light set: £4.99
  • Cable lock: £1.99 (!)
  • Saddle cover: £3.99
  • Seatpack: £4.99
  • Computer: £4.99
  • Mini pump: £3.99
  • Track pump: £4.99
  • Cylinder foot pump: £4.79
  • 2x inner tubes: £3.99
  • Saddle: £9.99

Previous experience of the Aldi gear is that it's pretty good for the money; obviously you shouldn't expect miracles of a cable lock that costs £2 but the clothing, socks, computer, pumps and tubes are normally very serviceable. It's first come first served on Thursday and there's normally a bit of a queue and some friendly barging, so sharpen up those elbows, cheap cycling kit fans...

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OldRidgeback [2826 posts] 6 years ago

How cheap are chips? Are we talking US potato chips or French fries? And how many?

Cooks [496 posts] 6 years ago

I own both the track pump and the seatpack. Both utter bargains! Also, the socks are pretty good.

michophull [143 posts] 6 years ago

I have a pair of the Crane track mitts which I bought 2 years ago and I'm still wearing them. They're about as good as any others I've used over the last 30 years.

On the same day, I bought a pair of sunglasses with 3 pairs of lenses for just £5. They've been great too.

My only disappointment has been a pair of arm warmers which won't stay up. Then again I've got the skinniest arms imaginable.

BikerBob [122 posts] 6 years ago

I've got one of the Soft Shell Jackets; highly recommend for the price though given the recent warm weather probably best tucked away in the wardrobe until the autumn!

Combined with a HH vest or similar it was excellent in the colder weather and at a 1/10th price of similar kit with more upmarket branding.

divebabe31 [23 posts] 6 years ago

But why oh why do they (and many other manufacturers) think that women want everything in flipping pink.....?

Michael5 [121 posts] 6 years ago

Perhaps they're not necessarily for girls? Some men think pink is very fetching...