Video - Chinese cyclist's lucky escape as speeding truck overturns at lights

Careering truck forces rider to leap for his life

by Tony Farrelly   April 19, 2011  

Wenling lorry crash 1.png

Many cyclists will have experienced a big truck coming too close for comfort, not many of us though will have had one get as close as the cyclist in the eastern Chinese city of Wenling who was forced to leap for his life when an articulated container lorry tipped over while speeding to make the lights at a busy junction.

The incident was caught from a variety of angles by cctv cameras and the cyclist was not the only person to have a lucky escape with a number of motorcyclists and scooter riders also coming within inches of disaster.We haven't been able to find any reports that say what happened to the driver or what charges he faces, but let's hope that he won't be getting behind the wheel of a truck for some time to come.

Our video clip comes from ITN although there sharp-eyed newshounds fail to mention the cyclist in their commentary - he's circled in red in footage from one angle (the original video is from a Chinese TV station) and can be clearly seen jumping clear in the final few frames. His bike was not so lucky.