Further falls likely due to subsequent switch-off by many councils following general election

Data released by the Home Office have disclosed that the number of motorists captured speeding by speed cameras in 2009 fell below 1 million for the first time since 2001. The figures predate last year’s election, meaning that the number of drivers caught speeding is likely to have fallen further still since then as many local authorities turn off their cameras to save money after the Coalition Government slashed the Road Safety Grant by 40% last year.

During 2009, some 935,000 motorists were caught on film exceeding the speed limit, reports The Telegraph website. That was a little more than half the 1.8 million people caught in 2005, which resulted in a backlash from motorists against the cameras and the fines and three points on the licence to which they led.

As a result, the then Labour Government revised the system so that instead of local road safety partnerships keeping money raised through fines and using the money to fund more cameras, all fines instead went to the Treasury.

Robert Gifford, executive director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, told the newspaper that the reduction in the number of drivers being fined was accompanied by more motorists sticking to the 30mph speed limit.

However, he posed the questions, “Are people becoming more compliant? Do they merely slow down for the camera? “Has the emphasis on educational alternatives encouraged people to obey the law? Whichever of these is the answer, it is good to see fewer people issued with speeding tickets.”

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mad_scot_rider [581 posts] 6 years ago

... and of course this has nothing to do with them changing guidelines so that cameras could not be concealed but must be clearly visible.

I'd *love* to think it meant drivers were behaving more - but it think we all know it's just not true

Shouldbeinbed [53 posts] 6 years ago

Is it just those 'convicted' that are counted or is it everyone whether taking the fine & points or paying to go on a speed awareness course?

I think sat navs and the squawk boxes that alert the driver to an upcomming gatso also have a large part to play in the reduction. Frankly with the tech out there alert people to a gatso I'm surprised it isn't a lot lower than this.