But most Republican voters opposed to them

Earlier this month we reported on how a well-heeled group of residents living close to a cycle lane in the New York borough of Brooklyn were suing the city authorities over the lane's presence in their community.

Fortunately, it seems, they are in the minority when it comes to New Yorkers' attitudes towards bike lanes, at least according to recent poll by Quinnipac University.

The survey suggests that 54 percent of New Yorkers think that more bike lanes are a positive development "because it's greener and healthier for people to ride their bicycles."

However, opinion was very much split along party political lines those leaning to the right more likely to agree with the notion that bike lanes are bad "because it leaves less room for cars which increases traffic." Fully 59% of Republicans polled agreed with that statement and just 35% were positive about bike lanes.

Those figures were reversed for left-leaning residents as among Democrats 59% were positive about bike lanes and 35% opposed them.