More well-priced classic wool jerseys from Yorkshire

Last month we wrote about a new Yorkshire-based company, Shutt VR, who are producing a range of wool cycling jerseys, today we've got news of another one, Colomba CC.

Colomba are based in Richmond North Yorkshire at the gateway to the Dales, speaking to road.cc founder Chris Atkinson told us that they worked on their range of Sportwool jerseys for 18 months before releasing them earlier this year.

“Basically we got into cycling jerseys when we thought about how much fun it would be to wear our own range of jerseys – our own designs in the best fabric we could find. After 18 month’s worth of researching fabrics and tweaking sizing to get them just right we have finally come up with our ideal jerseys,” said Chris.

The new range, available at www.colomba.cc, has a very classic look about it. Our favourite on looks at least is the Peace jersey inspired by the blue leader’s jersey of the Peace Race – the great amateur classic, which features a flock printed Colomba logo front and rear and an embroidered dove on the sleeve. Available in four sizes: small through to extra large it's yours for £59.99. Short sleeves only on that one though. One of the comments we hear from people about wool jerseys is that they like the idea but that they want a long sleeved one.

Colomba do have a long sleeved jersey in their range though, the eye-catching an Italian Tricolor design (also available in short sleeves0 inspired by the Italian Champions jersey and, says Colomba, pays homage to Italian style in the centenary of the Giro. Like the Peace jersey it features three rear pockets, one of which is water resistant. Cut on all Colomba jerseys is close fitting but not tight.

The range is completed by two versions of the Club jersey, one in blue featuring a large flock Colomba dove logo and a white band on the arm and the other in black with a smaller embroidered logo – both cost £55.

“Our inspiration comes from the golden era of cycling when cycling jerseys were wool and designs were simple but stylish,” Chris Atkinson told us, adding that “modern technology has brought wool fabrics to the forefront of sportswear technology and now we are bringing classic designs to the forefront of cycling style.”

Their plans don't end with jerseys either:

“Now we have our own jerseys it doesn’t seem right wearing someone else’s shorts so we’re working on development of a full range of cycle wear. We are mid-development on a bamboo base layer and mohair socks. We are looking to keep the fabrics as natural as possible and the Mohair socks really are lovely and we’re looking forward to adding them to the range in the next few weeks. The bamboo base layers should be within the next few months. We have also started developing a lighter weight jersey, sportive shorts and jackets. Then hopefully frames will come a little further down the line!”

And Colomba haven't stopped there either they've also set up their own Colomba Cycling Club “to get kids interested in cycling after the demise of the local school cycling club. We have about 20 members mainly aged 14-17 and a few adults so we’re aiming to build that up and hopefully get some parents joining in.

If you want to find out more about Colomba and their jerseys or find out about joining there club visit their website www.colomba.cc


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