Barnet tops list for number of claims

The combination of increased numbers of potholes and a British public that is more than ever prepared to pursue compensation claims is proving bad news for councils up and down the nation.

In London compensation claims made against councils for damage caused by potholes increased by more than 37% over a three-year period, the BBC reports.

Over 9,000 claims were made against councils in the capital between 2007 and 2010.with Barnet proving a hotspot, dealing with 838 claims over three years at a cost of £314,275.

Pothole-related compensation claims shot up in the borough to 609 in 2009-10  an increase of 492 on 2008-09. Across London, road damage compensation claims against councils rose from 2,664 in 2007-08 to 3,646 in 2009-10.

BBC Freedom of Information request revealed the from 2008-10 the London councils paying out the highest number of road damage compensation claims were:
• Barnet: 838
• Enfield: 815
• Tower Hamlets: 767
• Camden: 730
• Ealing: 624