Cornishman raising funds for county's first children's hospice...

A Cornishman is looking for other cyclists to join him on a 4000 mile ride around the coast of Britain.

Andy Miners from the town of Helston is aiming to complete the extreme challenge in 30 days to raise cash for Children's Hospice South West (CHSW), the charity that is building Cornwall's first children's hospice, near St Austell.

Last year Andy undertook a 1,748 mile LE-JoG-LE round trip for the charity so is no stranger to endurance fund-raising efforts. However, his latest adventure, which is dubbed the ABC30 Challenge, will cover more than double the distance of his End-to-End and back ride.

The fund-raising effort will involve cycling over 130 miles a day and Andy said: "The challenge isn't going to be easy, there will be pain, there will be suffering and mental stress but it will make a difference to the lives of life-limited children and their families.

"We will start and finish at Little Harbour, in Porthpean, and cycle around the whole of Great Britain.”

Duncan Impey from Penryn has already signed up to join Andy’s ABC30 challenge and said: “There is no arguing that the challenge will be difficult and packed full of emotion but at the forefront of it all is the most amazing charity doing fantastic work, and I’m glad to be helping to put something back into Cornwall for the children and families who need it the most.”

Mary Murfin, Community Fundraiser for Children’s Hospice South West, said:
“If you’re looking for an extreme challenge this year it doesn’t get much tougher than ABC30. Why not join Andy and Duncan for the ultimate endurance event and help our worthwhile cause at the same time?”

To find out more contact Mary Murfin: mary.murfin [at] chsw.org.uk or on 01872 261166. A website, www.abc30.co.uk, is coming soo.


skippy [416 posts] 6 years ago

Andy Miners is to be commended for his Zeal in supporting this charity BUT he has limited the numbers that could be drawn to support this worthwhile Charity Event !
Those planning to participate in charity events need to train UP TO THE LEVELS REQUIRED ! Not too many athletes of any age are able to give up work to prepare for continous daily efforts that this event will require . Weekend training is a no no regardless of the time and effort expended.
Only those in great health and with experience of the constant daily commitment will be able to meet this challenge.

PERHAPS Andy might consider allowing people to work relay style throughout the day to meet the demands of the challenge posed ?

Health considerations are so easily overlooked in extreme events so there will need to be a health unit monitoring all participants . I am now recovering from a second bout of Embulisms , the first after 2009 TDF was possibly from dehydration issues but the second has come about even after folllowing all advices and has put a stop to the early start to what could have been my final full season .

Good luck to all that partake and i hope they are successful raising awareness of the Hospice's needs !

andrew miners [46 posts] 6 years ago

Thanks for your message of support, yes it will be a tough challenge and fitting it in around work and two children is tight be we push on , ive good form from last years lejog and back in ten days, the main thing i see as time consuming is chasing sponsors, which decides if its a go no-go but it is coming together slowly keep posted for our updates