Money set to run out next month

South Gloucestershire could become the latest county to switch off its fixed speed cameras following the council’s decision not fund them after April, reports the BBC.

The authority would be the second in the south west to do so following a lead set by Somerset council which also said it could not afford to fund its fixed camera programme.

Gloucestershire’s funding for a wider regional speed camera programme will run out at the end of March.

And according to the minutes of a meeting, obtained by the BBC, "funding uncertainties" could mean that cameras in neighbouring areas may also be turned off.

South Gloucestershire Council contributed £141,842 in 2010/11 to the West of England Road Safety Partnership which in turn funds Safecam, the body that operates road safety cameras on its behalf.

A council spokesperson told the road. cc: "Safecam will be disbanded on March 31 and Avon & Somerset Constabulary will then be responsible for camera enforcement and for running the driver education programme."

The cuts come as central government withdraws funding for speed camera operations.

The spokesperson continued: "The council is committed to road safety and the cameras are just one element of a wider strategy. Education, training and road engineering all contribute to making South Gloucestershire's roads amongst the safest in the country."

Councils in Bristol, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset are due to make their decisions on the funding of speed camera programmes in the next few weeks.