Gear up for a full season of fantasy cycling with and Evans Cycles!

Game will open on Feb 25 with huge prize fund from Evans Cycles...

by Dave Atkinson   February 18, 2011  

Fantasy Cycling 2011 with and Evans Cycles

It's just a month until the Milan - San Remo and the start of the Spring Classics, and Italy's early season opener will also mark the start of something else: Fantasy Cycling 2011, sponsored by Evans Cycles. That's right: a whole season of fantasy racing with some fantastic prizes up for grabs along the way. And it's free to enter!

Last year's success with the Fantasy Tour de France and Fantasy Vuelta games has made us determined to make this season better than ever. Our Fantasy Cycling game will run right from the Spring Classics to the World Championships, taking in the three grand tours and a host of other races along the way. And with Evans Cycles as sponsor, we've got some amazing prizes up for grabs over the season.

So how's it going to work this year? Well, you'll still be picking a team of nine riders to compete in each race, and you'll get points depending on how they perform. You'll be able to make unlimited changes to your team at various points during the season, and you'll have limited transfers within tours. With 89 scoring stages overall there's plenty to play for; here's a taster of the prizes on offer!

Grand tours

The Tour de France, Giro and Vuelta will be running as the big standalone competitions, with le Tour as the pinnacle. Each grand tour will have its own league tables. There'll be big – BIG – prizes on offer for the winners and runners-up schwag to play for too.

Spring Classics

From the Milan - San Remo to the Liège - Bastogne - Liège, King of the Classics will be the first prize on offer. Get in there early and you'll be in with a great chance of walking away with the first spoils...

Season overall

From the first race to the last, the player with the biggest score wins. It's a real commitment, this one, but it'll be worth it!

Mr/Mrs consistency

We don't want to penalise players who find the game after it has started, so there will be another season-long game, this time for the best average stage score. You'll need to score on a minimum number of stages to be eligible, but even if you're late to the party you could still be in with a shot of glory.


Our purists' league will have a strict no-transfer policy whilst a race is on; you will be able to make transfers between competitions though. You're doing it for the love though, right? You're not expecting a prize. What? Oh.

Spot prizes

On top of all of this, there'll be spot prizes on offer for various stages throughout the season. So even if you're languishing at the bottom of your league you'll still be in with a shout of a prize...

Interested? Course you are. We're putting the finishing touches on the game engine code in the boiler room right now, and we're planning to launch the game a week today, on Friday 25 Feb. You'll need a user account to set up a team, and it's one team per account. That'll give you three weeks to get yourself sorted for Milan, and after that the only way is up. Good luck!

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Bring it on.

Well done guys. Good to see a major sponsor on board and a nice variety of options to choose from.

Can't wait to get started.

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posted by jova54 [663 posts]
18th February 2011 - 17:43


This is great news.

posted by lokikontroll [51 posts]
18th February 2011 - 18:02


This is going to be great!!!!!

posted by pinguis [2 posts]
18th February 2011 - 18:08


My 12-year old has been grilling me every week since he and I finished 1 place outside the prizes in the Fantasy Vuelta ! Talk about competitive ! Can't wait to get cracking. Smile

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posted by timbola [234 posts]
18th February 2011 - 18:17


I can not wait to come last.

posted by jayme [122 posts]
19th February 2011 - 15:25


YES! Even more ways to prove I know nothing about cycle racing


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posted by DaveP [467 posts]
19th February 2011 - 22:49


Oh damn. I know I should just put my hands in my pockets and walk away.... Hypnotized

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posted by simonmb [360 posts]
20th February 2011 - 11:44


Will we get a free transfer when team members are banned for failing a spot doping test? Or for that matter, will we have to return prizes when they're bust after the competition has ended?

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posted by mr-andrew [303 posts]
23rd February 2011 - 10:53


No. and no.


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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
23rd February 2011 - 11:01


Marvellous - look forward to a summer of not getting any work done....

posted by DanSmernicki [11 posts]
23rd February 2011 - 12:04


+1 for the "not getting any work done" .... not that I
did in the first place Smile

still on the 3rd switch-back of Bwlch !

posted by therevokid [925 posts]
23rd February 2011 - 14:28


Oh Yeah...this is going to be seriously addictive!
Sorry Mrs Lycralad!

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posted by lycralad [71 posts]
24th February 2011 - 14:36


just looked at the list of races that count for points and can't help but notice the omission of paris-tours and more importantly the giro di lombardia. surely this must be included, even at the expense of the GP Montreal!!

posted by henryrobertshaw1 [38 posts]
25th February 2011 - 22:14