Lambeth commission spells success for Cyclehoop

Bike stands pick out borough's names on boundaries with Southwark and Wandsworth

by Simon_MacMichael   February 9, 2011  

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The business that developed the innovative Cyclehoop, which turns existing pieces of street furniture into bicycle parking facilities, has designed an attention-grabbing set of bike stands for Lambeth Council that spell out the borough’s names, with each stand incorporating a different letter within its design.

Two sets of the bespoke racks have been installed in the borough, one on Waterloo Road by the boundary with Southwark, the other on Wandsworth Road where Lambeth meets the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Cyclehoop says that “a subtle Lambeth welcome is slowly revealed as you approach the bike racks at a certain angle which is a refreshing improvement to the former ‘Welcome to Lambeth’ signs installed last summer.”

The inspiration behind the design came from an earlier project carried out in New York City by Cyclehoop’s managing director, Anthony Lau, who explains: “Two years ago there was an international cycle parking design competition organised by New York City where we were winners with our indoor storage solutions.

“We also submitted a design for an outdoor bicycle design that spelt N Y C. Following the competition, Lambeth Council, one of the first councils in London to
use our Cyclehoop bicycle racks, approached us to design a version for the borough.”

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Original cast hoops for Toronto (1990) had "City of Toronto - Cycle Parking" cast into ring, and replicated for City of Cambridge (MA).

You can do some really creative things by small embellishments on basic cycle racks - Portsmouth had seafaring rope work (knots and hitches) strung across the space inside the hoop or ring. In 1990 Sutton Coldfield had laser-cut overlay in thin steel plate fitted to outer cladding of lockers.

Cycle parking can work to reduce need for other street furniture/clutter by carrying car & cycle parking signage - have done sample sketches for a few projects over the years.

47 years of breaking bikes and still they offer me a 10 year frame warranty!

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posted by A V Lowe [560 posts]
10th February 2011 - 0:15

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Well that only really works when its not in use doesnt it. Good idea about using them to replacing other street furniture tho, I know many cyclists just lock to sign-posts anyway at least this will 'promote' cycling in the area a bit more.

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posted by STATO [467 posts]
10th February 2011 - 11:59


What if you approach them from the other direction? Is there a London Borough called HTEBMAL?

posted by sponican [83 posts]
10th February 2011 - 12:58

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If you approach from the other direction its an anagram game.

posted by Louise Papadopoullos [1 posts]
11th February 2011 - 16:21

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