Bargain priced Sportwool jersey maker makes it's tops even more of a bargain

Sportwool jersey manufacturer, Torm has announced a clearance sale of its current stock of jerseys which all now feature modifications to the rear pocket areas on all its jeseys: the T1, T2, T3, and T4 shortsleeve jerseys which are reduced from £45 to £39.99; and the T5 and T6 long sleeve jerseys which drop from £50 to £44.99.

The company has in a very short time made a name for itself as a purveyor of super-competitively priced Sportswool jerseys but also found itself embroiled in a row with another well known manufacturer of Sportwool jerseys which had led to Torm briefly withdrawing its jerseys from sale.

Torm announced it was "back in the jersey business" in an email to customers which also detailed the changes to the jerseys:

• All joins on the rear pockets have been reinforced. At each point where a pocket end attaches to the rear of the jersey extra stitching has been added.
• A white panel has been added to all 'non white' jerseys across the lower half of the pockets - you will now be seen much easier in the dark! 
• The reflective strips on the back of the pockets have been changed from being horizontal to vertical.

It's as you were at the front of the jerseys, but the view here at road.cc is that the Torm's tops actually look better with the modifications than they did before. 

Given the rock-bottom nature of Torm's original pricing any drop in price is an achievement and it's perhaps not surprising the the price cuts aren't massive, but considering that VAT is now 20 per cent rather than 17.5 they are pretty good. There's certainly no arguing with the fact that you do get a lot of jersey for your money from Torm we've reviewed both the Torm T1 and the Torm T6 both of which got good reviews although there was some comment from a number of our test team about the similarity to some of the jersey's in Rapha's range - the prime reason for the now modified designs.

Speaking to road.cc about the reasons for the company's clearance sale of its current stock Michael Pittaccio of Torm said:

"We're really glad to be on sale again. We took the pragmatic decision to have our jerseys altered so we could move forward and start trading again. Although some of the points of contention would have made remaining in the garment business impossible we have made all the changes possible without compromising the jerseys. We always felt the design of a cycling jersey was pretty universal and the features on our jerseys were an industry standard with a classic twist.

"We hope now there is room for another business making high quality Sportwool jerseys and we know of no other Sportwool jerseys available at such a competitive price. We started this business because our cycling mates liked sportswool jerseys but didn’t have the budget to buy the items that were available. We have worked extremely hard to bring together all the elements to produce a high quality jersey that is within a price band that many more riders are prepared to pay."

Given the level of interest in the Torm brand before they cut their prices our advice to anyone interested in getting one of the new modified jerseys is to hurry. To check out the Torm sale head over to Torm.cc.

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