Schwag Grab! Four sets of Lizard Skins bar tape – we have winners!

One each and in the colour of your choice too

by Tony Farrelly   February 8, 2011  

Lizard Skins Schwag

Better late than never snacks 'n' beverages have been taken (coffee + 9 Bar with a mini panettone chaser since you ask… saved a bit of panettone for tomorrow) and the fickle finger of fate has done her work and we have four winners of some of Lizard Skins very finest bar tape in the colour of their choice. Step forward…

Karbon Kev

Congratulation to those four, they may care to check out the colours on the 2 Pure website (UK distributors of Lizard Skins), or head over to before finally nailing their… ahem, colours to the mast.

Better luck next time if you didn't win, but we'll be back very soon with another chance for the fickle finger of fate to do some random pointing in your direction.


The big deal with Lizard Skins tape is that it's both comfortable and very grippy, there's no need for gel pads under your tape or anything like that for something so light and thin it really does an amazing job at damping down road buzz as Shaun Audane found when he reviewed their DSP bar tape here on way back in the day.

Lizard Skins are also introducing some some new dual coloured tape - so you can be the envy of your friends with two colours on one bar… nice. It comes in black and white, red and white, blue and white and green and black. We'll be testing some soon. we've also got some of their new ultra lightweight tape as used by the pros on Vacances Soleil and Magnus Backstedt and co at Team UK Youth, impressive really because the standard issue stuff is already lighter than any other bar tape we know of.


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Fingers crossed...

posted by warmsound [22 posts]
7th February 2011 - 18:32


Red please. Had a crash and current bar tape is all torn.

posted by Singletrackroadie [33 posts]
7th February 2011 - 18:53

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Send it my way please.

posted by davemhart [42 posts]
7th February 2011 - 19:42


Yes please, count me in Smile

Mark Doherty

posted by seasider007 [36 posts]
7th February 2011 - 20:08

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Grab one...

posted by mattress [19 posts]
7th February 2011 - 23:08


Black of course.

posted by jaysal [30 posts]
7th February 2011 - 23:37

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I'm in it to win it Big Grin

posted by shrinkinbggaz [117 posts]
8th February 2011 - 7:48

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posted by kazzabo66 [16 posts]
8th February 2011 - 9:39


Black n white please

posted by stereojet [142 posts]
8th February 2011 - 11:44


Yes please; only trouble is I'm not a very good wrapper Sad

posted by [168 posts]
8th February 2011 - 14:06

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The Man In Black.

posted by gandberg [215 posts]
8th February 2011 - 14:06


Yes please! Hit the deck last week. Need some new bar tape

posted by narrowlast [6 posts]
8th February 2011 - 14:25

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Salamat...I really need that!

Ride hard

posted by b8ramos [27 posts]
8th February 2011 - 14:29

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Oh, black and white please! Living together in perfect har-mon-ee, side by side on my, erm, bars...

I don't wanna be a candidate for Vietnam or Watergate

posted by StumpyRider [36 posts]
8th February 2011 - 14:40


As long as they don't shed their skin like my Bearded Dragon!

posted by Minty [31 posts]
8th February 2011 - 14:51


Yes please, the skin on my right hand is wearing thin Thinking

posted by natcot [25 posts]
8th February 2011 - 15:16

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ooh, yes please.

posted by renko [43 posts]
8th February 2011 - 15:58


Black please.

G-bitch's picture

posted by G-bitch [320 posts]
8th February 2011 - 16:03

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Yes please! My Charge tape is falling to pieces Crying

posted by ptr [13 posts]
8th February 2011 - 16:51


oooh yes please!!

posted by Karbon Kev [683 posts]
8th February 2011 - 17:06

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Yes please. White please.

zombie paul's picture

posted by zombie paul [57 posts]
8th February 2011 - 17:38

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Yes please. My white bar tape is looking grimy.

posted by b3nharris [46 posts]
8th February 2011 - 18:11

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Red and white would match my bike Smile

posted by mediconabike [19 posts]
8th February 2011 - 19:12

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Go on then. Either black or red will do me just fine thanks.

michophull's picture

posted by michophull [123 posts]
8th February 2011 - 19:16



posted by rljwalton [20 posts]
8th February 2011 - 19:17

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posted by ewa [12 posts]
8th February 2011 - 19:22


having managed to completely fail in
"keeping it rubber side down" I now
NEED new tape so ...... pretty please Smile

still on the 3rd switch-back of Bwlch !

posted by therevokid [920 posts]
8th February 2011 - 19:37

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Can't believe you didn't accept my bribe of cakes!


posted by Michael5 [121 posts]
8th February 2011 - 20:09


Yes, thank you, sir!

posted by Knusern [3 posts]
8th February 2011 - 20:39

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yes please ta

posted by partsandlabour [33 posts]
9th February 2011 - 22:49

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