30% off SL-K components until the end of March

Looking to upgrade your bike? Well look no further than this great offer from FSA. Throughout February and March you make big savings on components in FSA's one-from-the-top SL-K range. Buy two SL-K components from the list below and you'll get 30% off them both.

SL-K is to FSA's top-dollar K-Force as Ultegra is to Dura-Ace: lots of great technology trickling down to give you high end performance for less. This month and next you can get a whopping 30% off RRP on a range of products in the SL-K groupset. That means the £429 Carbon chainset can be yours for a snicker over £300, and a super-light seatpost is doen from £74.95 to just over £50. Here's the full rundown:

SL-K Light Mega Exo chainset: RRP £429.95, offer price £300.97
SL-K seatpost (inline or layback): RRP £74.95, offer price £52.46
SL-K compact handlebar: RRP £224.95, offer price £157.47
SL-K stem (various sizes): RRP £82.95, offer price £58.07

To take advantage of this great offer, all you have to do is download this PDF and take it with you when you go shopping for your shiny new SL-K bits. The offer runs until the end of March 2011. Happy upgrading!

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