English lawyer's tales of the unexpected as he pedals home from Hong Kong...

Armchair travel is a poor substitute for the real thing but sometimes – especially when it comes to epic journeys – reading other’s accounts of covering mega-distances in far flung places is the nearest many of us can get to the reality of life on the road.

One such journey - although split into two parts punctuated by a sabbatical here in the UK - is being undertaken by an English lawyer who is partway through a 16,000km transcontinental ride from Hong Kong back to his home in Norforlk.

Theodore Brun is a 34-year-old, who after a stint working in China, reckoned he was still “just young enough” to take on a what is inevitably a major physical and mental challenge. He is also raising money for two charities, Wellspring International which identifies and fund projects which help under-privileged women and children, and the Harry Mahon Cancer Research Trust, set up in memory of his former rowing coach at Cambridge University.

Theo is a self-confessed dreamer and his blog makes for an engaging read and an interesting case study into how romantic notions for life on the road can take a battering from the brutal reality of endless pedal-turning and minor setbacks that, when combined with a little fatigue, can morph into apparently insurmountable barriers.

There is plenty of humour in there too, much of it related, so far, to a Sino-British clash of cultures but Theo appears to take it all in his stride thanks to a self-deprecating sense of humour and a strong Christian faith.

Of course there is no shortage of such blogs telling of epic adventures out there, but sometimes it’s good to dip into them and share the experiences of others - even strangers - if only to garner a spot of inspiration for more modest trips. You can read Theo's blog here.