Four more great names to wear about town

Remember the Rouleur rider series tees by ace cycling penman Rich Mitchelson? The original set (Merckx, Fuente, Gimondi, Fignon, LeMond and Pantani) came out in Christmas 2009, and now there's another four up for grabs.

We liked the original six and so did plenty of other people; Rich tells on his blog how he received an email from Scott LeMond telling how everyone in the LeMond family had their own Greg tee! Anyway, there's now four more to choose from. You can have Fausto Coppi, resplendent in Bianchi-branded Maglia Rosa; Tom Simpson, in World Championship stripes and trademark Peugeot cap; Robert Millar in King of the Mountains polka dots; and Bernard Hinault in full Gitane regalia.

The shirts are available, as before, from the Rouleur shop. They're dark grey with a discreet black Rouleur logo on the sleeve, and £30 a pop. Which is your favourite?

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