Lance Armstrong expects to be "vindicated" following new drug allegations

Seven-time TDF champ tweets his thoughts over Sports Illustrated article

by Simon_MacMichael   January 21, 2011  

Lance Armstrong (pic courtesy Photosport International)

Lance Armstrong, currently riding the final international race of his career in the Santos Tour Down Under, has been using his Twitter account to respond to fresh allegations of doping published on the website of American magazine Sports Illustrated.

As reported on earlier this week, the article that appeared on the Sports Illustrated website on Tuesday contains just some of the allegations expected to be published when the print copy of the magazine hits the newsstands next Monday.

On his Twitter feed, the seven-time Tour de France winner, who has always denied taking performance enhancing drugs, said: “Great to hear that @usada is investigating some of @SI’s claims. I look forward to being vindicated.”

That reference to @usada is presumably meant to denote the US Anti-Doping Agency, whose Twitter account is actually in the name @usantidoping; @usada is an account belonging to an individual from Tokyo who has just six followers.

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He does have a much higher chance of being vindicated is @usada is investigating the claims though...

posted by adscrim [135 posts]
21st January 2011 - 11:38


"@usada is an account belonging to an individual from Tokyo who has just six followers."

LOL Suspect that he is gonna get a few more than 6 Followers now, thanks to Lance Big Grin

posted by shrinkinbggaz [117 posts]
21st January 2011 - 11:40

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he's a gonner, it is now a matter of how much comes out and not that he doped but how he ran the doping, the bribes, the's a long list of dirt and i think the doping is the least smelly...

posted by Decster [246 posts]
21st January 2011 - 12:34


shrinkinbggaz wrote:
"@usada is an account belonging to an individual from Tokyo who has just six followers."

LOL Suspect that he is gonna get a few more than 6 Followers now, thanks to Lance Big Grin

nope he actually lost one as a result. maybe the lance effect is wearing off? Big Grin

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
21st January 2011 - 12:50


I think that Decster has hit the nail on the head. Bye bye Lance

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posted by mr-andrew [303 posts]
21st January 2011 - 12:59


maybe that fella in Tokyo is investigating too Thinking

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
21st January 2011 - 13:42


Judging by the number of posts, do you think anyone really cares, apart from a few saddo's who have nothing better to do that wonder what Lance did over the last ten years....

the only people who really care are a few bitter and twisted journo's who can't think of anything original to write about.... so keep dragging up the past....

posted by pjd1203 [4 posts]
21st January 2011 - 16:40


Unless you hadn't noticed, Armstrong has been the biggest thing in professional cycling for the last dozen years. He's won the TdF seven times ffs. So yes, people care. People care a very great deal when he has presided over what is looking increasingly like fraud (remember, he's being investigated in the US in respect of a felony charge), lying and cheating. I, as a cycling fan, want that exposed so that it doesn't kill the sport. And if it turns out that the UCI, Bruyneel, McQuaid, Verbruggen and any bugger else has connived in keeping it under wraps, may they be thrown to the zombies as well. You don't care? Then don't comment.

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posted by dullard [140 posts]
21st January 2011 - 17:18


"want it exposed so that it doesn't kill the sport"...

not quite sure how that one works...
could it not be quite the opposite?????

Of course I care, but I care about what is happening NOW, in Oz, and other early races, how Cav is after his crash, how Swifty is doing, what new bits there are on bikes, etc etc etc...NOW, not what happened during a period where just about everyone was doping, and so, what if Lance did (or didn't)

what difference does it make now???? A few days time he will be retired and looking forward to a life in triathlon (or behind bars).... Let's look at who will win Flanders or Roubaix, Milan-Sanremo... proper races that Mr Armstrong did not bother with too often....

As for the past, I used to love Pantani......
but let's not dwell on that one.... Crying

posted by pjd1203 [4 posts]
21st January 2011 - 17:38

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He's up to 8 now. Boom!

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posted by Richthornton [102 posts]
22nd January 2011 - 8:50

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Read the "Sports" Illustrated article in the store, but don't buy that rag- if you love cycling. This mag has always had a thing against cycling, and they want nothing more than to discredit the sport I love. Their idea of "sport" is a fat guy clutching a beer while he watches multi-million dollar overpaid cretins on TV.

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posted by velocodger [10 posts]
23rd January 2011 - 13:34

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I care - he's that guy out of Dodgeball!

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posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
23rd January 2011 - 16:37