It was a close vote but we have a worthy and very wearable winner

The poll has closed and the votes have been counted and we have a winner in our Sabbath Shutt VR jersey design competition.

Jersey 3, designed by xcstu, topped the popular vote and will be made in to Sabbath's new race kit - a set of which will go to xcstu as part of his prize along with a set of Sabbath Exposure lights.


Jersey 2 by Benjamin Cross came second...

...with Hope Tranter claiming the final podium spot (if you have them in elections) with jersey 4.

It was a close race with a mere 10 votes out of hundreds cast separating the top two, but our final winner elected using the old school first past the post system also topped the judges poll for the five jersey shortlist using a 'fairer votes' alternative vote system topping our first preferences list. The winning jersey conforms to the design brief and adds a very eye catching twist with that red zip tunnel - simple but effective.

Finally with my returning offier's hat on I can tell you that 884 votes were cast and it was heartening to see so many cyclists sharing one computer in Kingston on Thames and in Central London (where they know a thing or two about fashion) sadly we had to disallow those votes because while we are always keen to support the wider spread of democracy in Kinsgton and London, not to mention the eco friendliness of all those cyclists using two computers, more cynical types than us might have seen it as a blatant attempt to rig the vote.

Luckily though both democracy and cycling fashion have triumphed and the next step is for the guys at Shutt to take the winning design and bring it to life. We'll let you know just as soon as that happens.

In the meantime we'll get those Sabbath Exposure lights in the post so xcstu can light up the gloom on his daily commute.

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