€10,000 for Irish child almost hit by falling bike in Dublin toy shop

Near miss left toddler with post-traumatic stress syndrome, court told

by Simon_MacMichael   January 12, 2011  


A child in Ireland has been awarded €10,000 in damages after suffering post-traumatic stress when a bicyle fell 14 feet to land on the floor in front of her in a County Dublin toy shop.

Katie Campbell, now aged six, was two years old when the incident happened in October 2007 at the Smyths Toys at the Airside Retail Park, Swords, reports the website Breakingews.ie.

The toddler, visiting the store with her father John Campbell of County Meath, a social worker, narrowly avoided being injured in the incident, but barrister David Staunton told the Civil Circuit Court that afterwards she became anxious and also had nightmares.

He added that Katie’s GP had referred the youngster to a consultant child psychologist, Mr Andrew Conway, who diagnosed her with mild post-traumatic stress syndrome, based on symptoms including a hypersentive reaction to noises including thunder and the backfiring of cars, as well as the fact that she appeared unwilling to interact with other children.

As a result, he concluded that Katie’s emotional, social and behavioral development had suffered due to the incident.

Judge Matthew Deery, presiding over the court, approved an offer of €10,000 in settlement from Smyths Toys Ltd.

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Like, whatever.

posted by poppa [32 posts]
12th January 2011 - 11:13


I got hit by a car, broke my wrist, had it in a cast for 5 weeks, couldn't do weights or pressups for a year and only got £3000.

What is going on?

posted by creepymonkey [31 posts]
12th January 2011 - 13:43


Compo Culture in Dublin, is what's going on.
What a load of cock, imo.

posted by Cauld Lubter [131 posts]
12th January 2011 - 14:46


Christ the bike didn't even hit her and she gets 10 grand for the experience, nice work if you can get it lol Wink

posted by Karbon Kev [683 posts]
12th January 2011 - 15:31


And yet an adult can be killed by a careless driver and the family of the victim will receive little or nothing, while the perpatrator receives a minimal sentence.


posted by OldRidgeback [2580 posts]
12th January 2011 - 16:31


Was the bike OK? Worried

cavasta's picture

posted by cavasta [220 posts]
12th January 2011 - 21:30


This really has nothing to do with the bike, but as Cauld says, the Irish compo culture, about which teh anecdotes are legion.

Years ago, I was involved in a shunt in Clonmel, County Tipperary. We were stationary in a traffic queue and a drunk driver ran into the back of us, propelling me into the car in front. Later I got three letters from a Galway solicitor claiming damages for injury and trauma to three named occupants of the car in front,due to my "negligence". When I had calmed down I passed the letter on to my insurers, but something niggled. It took me a couple of weeks to pin it down - there was only one person in the car in front, in the passenger seat, and the driver was talking to the driver of the car in front of that so wasn't involved at all. So, a fraudulent claim by at least two people, which is not a rarity over there, but I hope the insurers didn't let it pass.

posted by Paul M [343 posts]
13th January 2011 - 17:11