Free track time at Newport Velodrome this Sunday

4hrs of coaching plus a free lunch? You don't need to ask us twice.

by Dave Atkinson   January 7, 2011  

Riders at the velodrome (© habi

If you're kicking around the house this weekend and you've got a bit of track experience, then here's an offer for you: how about four hours of free track time, with coaching, plus lunch thrown in? Yes, you read that right. British Cycling have been in contact to let us know that they need riders for their L3 coaching course on Sunday morning at Newport velodrome.

The morning is a coaching course for coaches, so they need riders to assess and currently they're a bit thin on the ground. Since level 3 coaching is fairly advanced they're looking for riders that already have track experience, and especially anyone that's either already competing, or looking to start. You'll get plenty of track time plus expert assessment and the opportunity to discuss how you can improve your riding. And did we mention it was free?

The course is this Sunday, 9 January, from 9am to 1pm, at Newport velodrome. If you're interested in being a track guinea pig then fill in this form to register your interest, you'll also be put on file for further sessions. It's first come first served and you'll need to respond by 3pm today. There'll be at least one teamer puffing around and trying to look like they know what they're doing. Hope to see you there!