Pick your favourite of the five final designs!

You came, you saw, you got out your crayons... in the end we had over 50 entries to the Sabbath / Shutt VR jersey compo, and we spent a long afternoon stroking our chins trying to make a shortlist. In the end the crudely-fashioned 'votes' (post-it notes, to you and me) were counted and the five finalists were chosen. And that's where you come in! Which of the final five is your favourite?

All you have to do is vote below. Just click on the jersey design you like the best and hit 'Submit' at the bottom and we'll do the rest, 'the rest' in this case being a bit of waiting followed by a bit of counting. You have until Tiffin o'clock on Friday (14 Jan) to pick your winner, and we'll announce the results on Monday. Good luck to all our finalists!

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