Got any cycling or other transport questions for Boris? Now's your chance to ask them!

West London consultation meeting this month focuses on transport and tickets are free

by Simon_MacMichael   January 5, 2011  

Boris Johnson at Cycle Superhighway launch July 2010

Whether you cycle in London or use other means to get around the city, this month provides you with a chance to put questions to Mayor Boris Johnson, his transport adviser Kulveer Ranger, local council respresentatives and other transport exports at a public meeting in West London.

Chaired by Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor of London and Assembly Member for Ealing and Hillingdon, the next edition of the Mayor’s regular series of Consultation Meetings takes place at Greenford Hall, Ruislip Road, on 19 January at 7pm and focuses on transport.

You can register for up to six free tickets by following this link, and the form you need to fill in also has space for you to pose any questions you may wish the panel to consider.
There’s no guarantee that all questions will be addressed on the night, unfortunately, although the form promises that “all submitted questions will be responded to afterwards.”