Sale stock from independents coming online, and there's 50% off private ads in Jan too.....

We've covered online bike buying portal Bikesoup before, and things should start to hot up over there in the new year now it's been announced that independent bike dealers can upload their stock to the website through a new dealer portal.

What does this mean? Well, it means that all the smaller bike shops now have access to a national marketplace, and it also means visitors to the Bikesoup site will get their pick of not only good quality secondhand machines but also sale stock from the shops. Sounds like a good place to go hunting with all that Christmas money you find at the end of your stocking. Assuming you've been a good boy/girl, as they don't accept coal as payment.

The portal launched on December 1 and already nearly 50 stores have signed up. So far, response has been pretty positive. JP Saville of Quest Adventure in Worthing said, “Bikesoup is just what we need to reach new customers and sell more bikes. I have found it to be very effective in selling my end of season stock and the dealer tools are very easy to use, making advert uploads an effortless process”. Bike dealers are currently getting two months of free ads when they sign up.

Founder & Chief Spoke of Bikesoup, Antony Auty, commented: “The new dealer portal is a really exciting development which will provide the end user with an unprecedented selection of bikes to choose from. We hope this will also empower independent bike dealers to sell more and ultimately keep the bike business booming!”

Bikesoup are also working on a voucher system as an incentive for dealers to help customers sell their old bikes on bikesoup.co.uk, as well as a national database of bike boxes for private sellers wanting to ship a used bike. Frame and parts sales will be possible for private sellers in early 2011 too. Private sellers will receive a 50% discount on all ads placed in January, so if you had a bike-shaped present under the tree it could be a good bet for getting shot of your old one, if you're on a strict one-in-one-out policy like we are here...

Head over to www.bikesoup.co.uk to check out the site.

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