On sale now ltd run of 50 saddles signed by Vuelta and Giro winners proceeds go to charity

Top Italian saddle maker Fizik, supplier of the perch of choice for numerous top pro teams, has today released a real collector's item: a limited edition run of 50 of their top end Antares saddles signed by Liquigas riders Ivan Basso and Vincenzo Nibali – winners of the 2010 Giro D'Italia and Vuelta Espagne respectively.

As well as the riders' signatures the white saddles also bear the logo, in either red or blue, of Insieme si puó an Italian charity supporting vital development work in the fight against hunger and poverty in Africa. Fizik's owners are keen supporters of the charity and both Nibali and Basso will ride saddles bearing its logo throughout the 2011 season.

Like most Italians, they like the personal touch at Fizik so there was none of that 'their people talking to his people' when it came to getting Basso and Nibali involved. Instead, as our pictures show, the two riders simply popped over to the home of Barbara Bigolin, owner of Selle Royal and Fizik, for some pre-christmas drinks and nibbles and sat down and signed all the saddles. Now that's doing things in style.

The saddles are on sale now via the Fizik website for €200 - although this is for charity so you can pay more if you want to.

As well as those two prized signatures you will be getting a state of the art high end saddle built on braided carbon rails around a carbon reinforced shell with a white Microtex cover all weighing a feathery 145g. road.cc reviewed the Antares K:Ium last year and we were impressed - the only conundrum we can foresee with this limited edition version is whether to actually ride it or not.

So, if you are looking for that last minute Christmas gift (okay you might not get it until the New Year, but it'll be something to look forward to in January) and you'd like to do something for charity too, just click that link… although you'd probably better hurry!

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