People of Bath: do you want secure bike parking?

Even if you have to pay for it? Survey aims to poll opinion...

by Dave Atkinson   December 20, 2010  

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Have you ever thought about cycling into town but been put off by the thought of carrying a heavy lock or, worse still, having to walk home after some light fingered lag makes off with your pride and joy? That's one of the questions Tomas Jenkins of Somer Valley CC is asking about's home town of Bath, and he'd like to find out how many people would be interested in secure, manned cycle parking in the city.

If you live in Bath, or could reasonably cycle there (we'll leave you to be the judge of what's reasonable), or you might visit with your bike, then take a couple of minutes to go to the survey and have your say. Personally there's a lot of cycling infrastructure we'd like to see in Bath to make it a more pleasant place to cycle, top amongst them being an East/West prioritised and segregated route that links up all the bits on the flat with the Bristol/Bath and Two Tunnels paths. Hope springs eternal, eh. But some decent bike parking would be nice too.

Deadline for your submissions is midnight on Weds (22 Dec) so get checking those boxes and we'll let you know the results once the survey is over...

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secure, **staffed** cycle parking?

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posted by Mike McBeth [72 posts]
20th December 2010 - 12:36

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Having attended a Cycle Bath meeting and witnessed the attitude of the council to cycling, we need lots of local cyclists clubbing together to make their voices heard!

I hope that plenty of other people fill in this survey - I'm doing it now.

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posted by Chutzpah [67 posts]
20th December 2010 - 13:16

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@Mike McBeth

It sounds outlandish, but easy if they chose the right placement. They've just built a huge new shopping complex in Bath, and they appeared to put a lot of thought into creating a secure underground car park beneath it. With a bit of foresight they could easily have considered some decent bike storage too. There's plenty of uniformed security chaps with posh radios walking around keeping riff raff away too.

And of course in Leeds, they opened a small Evans bike shop on the premises. Indoors and with staff hanging around to help it be more secure. And just £1 a day too!

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posted by Chutzpah [67 posts]
20th December 2010 - 13:22

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hm. i'm normally in favour of any innovations to encourage people to get on their bikes. but being in the fortunate position of having more than one bike, i normally just ride the cheapest of them in, and have no real concerns about locking it up. that said, i do lock it carefully, taking the front wheel off and making sure the lock is full of stuff (so you couldn't jack it).

I think a pound a day is a fair price - if i were commuting and only had one nice bike, then i'd consider it money well spent.

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posted by jezzzer [339 posts]
20th December 2010 - 14:23

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