We have winners! Mini Schwag Grab! 3 copies of Cyclopedia

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Right, afternoon snacks have been taken - Tunnock's Snowballs were the snack du jour – the chestnuts were taking absolutely ages on the laptop… but I digress. The random number generator has done its stuff and the fickle finger has pointed and we have three winners.

Malcolm Binns
spuriousvitriol - great name too

Cyclopedias will be flying their way just as soon as we've got addresses to send them to. We'll whack them in the post pront and hey might even make it to you for Christmas. Maybe

Commiserations to those that lost out, but there will be a next time.

And if your appetite for knowledge has been whetted by this competiton and our recent review which described the Cyclopedia as an informative and entertaining all you can eat buffet of cycling knowledge and trivia, why not nip along to your local bookstore and grab one for yourself anyway.

There's a ton of cycling related stuff crammed into its 440 or so pages as well as obvious stuff like the Tour de France and gears, there are entries on catholicism, sex, and Great Britain. Various legends of the sport such as Merckx and Major Taylor make an appearance as do, subject as diverse as Flancers, Sustrans, the Three Peaks and Defensive cycling.