new online store to supply Burgers to the UK. Burgers the bike brand, that is.

This month sees the launch of a new online bicycle store that showcases a range of Dutch-designed bikes. The site is the brainchild of UK-based enthusiast Gert-Jan Baan, who noticed an increasing enthusiasm for european-style bikes and decided to make it easier to get them in Blighty. A brand new online store, and dutch, was the result and the site has just launched with a wide selection of rides. It's not just about omafiets and cargo bikes either; there's some interesting and esoteric stuff in there too.

The mainstay of the range, though, is sensible-looking bikes in a range of styles from classic city cruisers to folders via cargo bikes and the like. Burgers, the Netherlands' oldest bike company, provide the meat of the range, sandwiched between offerings from the likes of Strida, Vanmoof and Beixo. That's enough fast food metaphors.

Although it's an online store, and dutch are looking to provide a more rounded service to its customers and they have established partnerships with ETA bicycle insurance, Bike2work scheme and the Bicycle Workshop repair center; for an extra £45 you can get your bike delivered to the Bicycle Workshop who'll prep it and give it the once over so it's ready to ride. For companies who want to increase their ‘green’ image, a bespoke bicycle fleet can be customised to accommodate corporate house styles. and dutch also supports Re-Cycle, a charity that ships secondhand bicycles to Africa, where they can be used by health/AIDS workers to reach remote villages.

Our particular favourite is this beauty, the Vanhulsteijn Cyclone, a kind of Softride for the hipster generation. Considering that it's handmade to your specific measurements out of stainless steel it doesn't seem like bad value at £1,430 either. Clydesdale category hipsters need not apply. We're taken with plenty of the classic bikes too, and the fact that you can get a 24" wheeled cargo bike for your kids - how cool is that?

To have a look at the whole range head over to www.anddutch.co.uk

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