New Active Softshell + Signature training top to be won

We have a winner! A number has been generated, a fickle finger has been pointed
and a toasty Shutt VR Active Softshell jacket will be going in the post very shortly accompanied by a Signature training top - so no excuses for someone not get out and ride even if the British weather is doing its worst. And who is that someone you ask?

It's you SimpleSi!

…There be nothing in the rules to disqualify puns on the theme of Shutt and doors or indeed anything other sort of lame pun either. In fact we like lame puns… as some of you probably spotted a long time ago. The Schwag grab would certainly be pretty empty without 'em. 

For those that missed out we've gotanother Schwag Grab already on the stocks (in fact more than one) so there's every chance you could get fickly fingered next time. 

For the moment though let's let SimpleSi bask in his moment of glory while we reflect on what we might have won…

 Shutt VR's new Active soft shell is worth £69 and one of their Signature Sportive jerseys as tested by the lovely Leonie Jennings a couple of weeks back here on road.cc, that's worth £89. The Signature top is for either male or female riders and is made from 48/52 per cent merino/polyester mix Sportwool and lovingly put together by Yorkshire lasses… so we are reliably informed. The Signature scored a more than respectable 9 out of 10 with Leoni describing it as "Well made, extremely comfortable and versatile year-round riding wear. A sound investment" even better if all you have to invest is a comment in our Schwag draw.

Shutt's Active Softshell was launched little more than a week ago, it's so new we haven't actually seen one in the flesh let alone had at the chance to test one. But as you'd expect from Shutt it looks a sorted piece of kit designed to be wind resistant, showerproof warm and breathable and with a slightly more real world cut to it too.

All you have to do to enter is comment below we'll be making the draw with a cup of tea and some parkin on Monday afternoon. Usual Schwag Grab rules apply.

Good luck! (Oh and we've got a few more grabs lined up before now and Christmas… we just thought you'd like to know)

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